The Sozina tunnel (Serbian Cyrillic: Тунел Созина) is a vehicular tunnel in Montenegro, and is a part of E65 European route.

The tunnel is 4,260 m long, and is the longest and most modern vehicular tunnel in Motnenegro(It is not, however, generally the longest tunnel in Montenegro, as Sozina railway tunnel is over 6 km long). It was opened on July 13, 2006, Montenegro's national day. It was built at a cost of 70 million euros. Since July 15, 2006, the toll is collected at the tunnel enterance. To this day, this toll tunnel is the only part of Montenegrin road network where toll is collected.

Sozina tunnel shortens the journey from Podgorica to Bar, Montenegro's main port, by some 25 km. The trip between the two now takes about half an hour.

Picture Gallery of Tunnel Sozina Virpazar to Petrovac Montenegro  Picture Gallery of Tunnel Sozina Virpazar to Petrovac Montenegro
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