Sutomore is a small coastal town in Bar municipality, Montenegro. A 2003 census put population at 1,827.

It is famous for its 2 km long sandy beach. The combination of low prices (especially compared with Budva) and easy acces via Belgrade - Bar railway makes it very popular destination, extremely crowded during summer months. It is favourite spot for one-day trips of young people from Podgorica, as it is only half - hour away, either by train or by car.

Sutomore is a resort 8km to the north east of Bar. There are several medieval churches in the area, but probably the best know of the historic buildings is the fortress of Haj-Nehaj which was built by the Venetians as a strong defense point (some sources say it was built by the Turks).

Sutomore is the largest toursit resort on the Bar Riviera and there are several hotels and apartments. Of the beaches Sutomorska is the largest at just over 1km long and Zlatna Obala is about 800m long. Both beaches are sandy (Zlatna means gold).

Picture Gallery of Coast Near Sutomore Montenegro
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