Hotels in Dubrovnik

Archeological museum
Without a permanent address or a permanent display, the Archeological Museum, containing a small reference library, is located in the rooms allocated to it for temporary use. The museum holdings are divided into seven separate collections.
Address: Braće Andrijića 7

The Memorial Room of the Dubrovnik Defenders is located in the Sponza Palace in commemoration of the 1991 Homeland War which started when Dubrovnik was attacked by the former Yugoslav Army.

The Home of Marin Držić
The Marin Držić home functions as a theatrical museum, a scientific, documentary institute and an exhibition space. Established as a memorial in honor of Marin Držić, one of the greatest Croatian playwright, this theatrical museum represents the only institution of it's kind in Croatia.
Address: Široka 7

The Rector's Palace
Permanent displays of artifacts, furniture and paintings in the salon ambience of the Rector's Palace, the once seat of the government and the Rector of the Dubrovnik Republic, collections of old Dubrovnik coins, medals, decorations, stamps, heralds and arms.

Dominican Monastery and Museum
The museum located in the Monastery's eastern wing displays in a transparent way the valuable samples of the Dubrovnik XV and XVI ct. paintings (Božidarević, Hamzić, Dobričević), sculptures, golden ware, manuscripts, incurables and music collected by the Dominicans over centuries.
Address: Sv. Domina 4

The Aquarium
Located in Fort St. John. The medieval halls shelter 27 tanks with a variety of fish species, sponges, sea weeds and vegetation, corals, star fish, seaurchins, snails, octopuses;
Address: Domjana Jude 12

Maritime museum
The display presents historic maritime heritage of a wider local area, with an aray of items and documents from antique to our days, with a special emphasis on the glorious period of seamanship under Dubrovnik Republic, in the 16th century.
Address: St. John Fort (1th and 2nd floor)

Museum of the Franciscan Monastery
The holdings of the museum, situated in the former capital, feature the inventory of the old apothecary (pottery, lab gear, old medical books, recipes), a selection of relics, works of old Dubrovnik masters in gold, embroidery.
Address: Placa 2

Treasury of the Cathedral
The cathedral's main attraction is its fascinating treasury, where the skill and imagination of Ragusa's
gold and silversmiths can really be appreciated.
Address: Kneza Damjana Jude 1

Rupe Ethnographic Museum
Rupe is the old granary built at the end of the 16th century. Today it probably looks much the same as it always did, a great stone barn, with enormous storage wells sunk into the rock beneath. The top floor now houses an ethnographic exhibition of rural life and peasant husbandry.
Address: Od Rupa

Museum of the Orthodox Church
A collection of 77 icons from XV to XIX ct. of diffe-rent styles and origins: Dubrovnik, Kotor, Risan, Italo-byzantine, Greek-Byzantine, Russian, Old Cretian. Also 8 portraits of prominent Dubrovnik’s by Vlaho Bukovac.
Address: Od puča 8

The Synagogoue
A little synagogue, which dates from the 15th century, is the second oldest synagogue in Europe. The synagogue is still in use and preserves its original 17th century furniture.
Address: Žudioska ulica 5

State Archives in Dubrovnik
The State Archives are housed in one of the most beautiful building in the City, the ancient Sponza Palace. With its 8.000 linear meters of documentation it represents the thousand year old memory of the City and its surroundings.
Address: Palača Sponza

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